The source of total services
All the activities performed by NUCLEARMONTAJ as Main Contractor or Contractor have as prime objective the total satisfaction of our Client's needs with regard to the costs, quality and terms for projects performance.

The positive attitude of NUCLEARMONTAJ management team and employees, the interface with the Clients, the qualification at the present level of technical requirements and practices and the experience acquired within international projects represent the driving force for the accomplishement of this objective.

The attention dedicated to the continuous training of employees by allocation of specific resources in accordance with the annual program led by management determines a permanent actualisation of employees knowledge and practice at the level required by the advanced technologies.

The health and security of 2000 employees are elements for wich the management allocates distinctive resources, directed to: safety equipment, medicines, insurance policies.

The quality of the works performed at the level of the project technical specifications requirements has as support the implementing of Quality Assurance systems, certified by recognised international organisations.

represents a potential bussines partner and a source of total services for the most exigent Clients

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