Mounting and Repairs
NUCLEARMONTAJ is specialized in mounting and repairs of equipment for nuclear and classic power installation and industrial facilities.

Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant - 700 MW CANDU PHWR type - Romania
• Heavy mechanic equipment mounting (turbines, electrical generators, steam generators).
• Pressure ducts and section ducts mounting.
• Corrective and preventive maintenance of heavy equipment
• Manufacture vessels, steel structures ducts and equipment supports, flanges.
• Mechanical mounting and repairing of lifting equipment.
• Non destructive tests with penetrating radiation, penetrating liquids, magnetic powder and ultrasounds

Cement Industry
Cement Factory LAFARGE ROMCIM - Romania, oil coke/coal management systems
• Heavy mechanic equipment mounting
• Ducts mounting
•Mechanical mounting and repairing of lifting equipment

New Cement Plant Umm Bab - Qatar
Technical assistance for the construction works of a new cement plant

Oil Industry

Grass Oil Refinery Bandar Abbas - Iran
Technical assistance for facility construction works

Petrochemical Industry
Polyethylene Plant Al Shuaiba - Kuwait
Technical assistance for the plant construction

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