Works and sites
You would obtain a more accurate image of our works following a list of our site locations for the last ten years:
Nuclear Energy
Since 1984 NUCLEARMONTAJ has been closely associated with all categories of works at the Nuclear Power Plant Cernavoda (Romania), where it has been the main constructor. The Romanian Electrical Company is one of our most important clients contracting activities for its power facilities repairs. NUCLEARMONTAJ constantly performs general repairs and maintenance works for boilers of capacities ranging from 15t/h to 420 t/h in the major industrial and urban centers in Romania: Bucuresti - Palas; Constanta - CET Midia; Pitesti - AUTOMOBILE DACIA, ALPROM, ROTAN and CET Craiova, Galati- SIDEX.

Conventional Energy
A project of ours, as main constructor, is the Thermoelectric Power Station GRIRO in Romania. It includes works of revamping and civil and mechanical works following the erection of 3 steam boilers and also 6 MW and 3MW turbines.
Abroad, NUCLEARMONTAJ provided special and technical assistance for rehabilitation and maintenance at Power Plants for the Czech Company of Electrical Power. NUCLEARMONTAJ also provided technical assistance for the erection of Kimek Arak Power Plant (Qatar), as a subcontractor of F.FOCHI. Technical assistance and manpower were supplied for steam generator mounting works at Cap des Biches (Senegal) and Layyah Power Station - Sharjah- UAE as subcontractor of CCT-Italy. Other sites include installation works for Power Plants in Pakistan.

Chemical Industry
NUCLEARMONTAJ performed works of installation of propane evaporator and transportation ducts at OLTCHIM Ramnicu Valcea (Romania) the most important chemical plant in South East Europe.

Oil & Refining
As a subcontractor of SNAM PROGETTI, NUCLEARMONTAJ provided specialized and technical assistance for construction works in petrochemical field at Bandar Abbas (Iran) and Al Shuaiba (Kuwait), as a subcontractor of F.FOCHI, we supplied specialized manpower the works of construction for other projects of Iran Petroleum Company and Malaysia Petroleum Company. Also, NUCLEARMONTAJ supplied with manpower and offered technical assistance for the works of ducts installation at Zarqa Refinery (Jordan). Other projects in the petrochemical field are located in Thailand, Malaysia, Czech Republic and Nigeria.

Cement industry
One of the most important workshops in the cement industry, having NUCLEARMONTAJ as main constructor, was LAFARGE ROMCIM Medgidia Cement Plant, in Romania We also offered specialized and technical assistance for the construction of Umm Bab Cement Plant (Quatar) as a subcontractor of F.FOCHI.

Civil and industrial constructions
In Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar NUCLEARMONTAJ supplied manpower for civil and industrial works having as clients some important companies such as UNIGULF MANCO. In Chile NUCLEARMONTAJ offered specialised and technical assistance for the erection of four astronomical observatories at 2,660 metres on Cerro Paranak in the Andes for the European Astronomical Observatory in the South Emisphere having as client SOIMI-CHILE ANTOFAGOSTA. Civil construction projects were also develloped in Bahamas, Romania and Russia. We could add to this list technical assistance for naval facilities provided as partner of F.FOCHI for SOICO SUD S.p.A-FINCANTIERI-MARGHERA, in Italy. In Qatar NUCLEARMONTAJ also provided, technical assistance for the on shore facilities at Ras Laffan as a subcontractor of SOIMI.

Water and gas installations
Our sites also include providing of specialized manpower and technical assistance for desalination installation in Kuwait and erection of pressure boilers in UAE as subcontractor of F.FOCHI. The latest, NUCLEARMONTAJ performed the main mechanical erection, electrical and insulation works for 240t/h heat recovery steam generator at Lyyah Power Station in UAE as subcontractor of CCT-Italy.

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